The progress so far

  • What has been accomplished?:

    • Infrastructure set up (Wikis, repos, project page, etc.)
    • Initial video launched.
    • Userspace I2C driver for the InvenSense MPU-9150
    • First steps towards the integration of the ArduPilot in the robot Erle (BeagleBone(white)-based). HAL_BOARD_ERLE created.
    • libraries/*/examples do compile now with the AP_HAL_Linux (make linux). Necessary to add the missing libraries.
    • Deadlock in setup() (initially _initialized variable discussion) addressed. Refer to
    • InvenSense MPU-9150 driver working if this fix is applied
    • InvenSense MPU-9250 SPI userspace driver coded
    • ST Microelectronics LSM9DS0 SPI userspace driver coded
    • All drivers compile together with the ardupilot code
  • Issues:

    • How are motor pins configured for AP_HAL_Linux?. Can’t find it.
    • Issue with the MPU9150 sensor driver. Refer to this fix.
    • Barometer MS5611 not detected. Seems like a hardware/design issue. Present both in the robot Erle and the PXF.
    • Issue with the GCS parameters (refer to!topic/beaglepilot/dQlxse11JNI). There’s also the UARTDriver to be checked.
  • Plans for the next period:

    • Go through Andrew’s comments on the drivers coded so far.
    • Rebase the code according to the last verson of ardupilot.
    • Share progresses with I2C sensors. Publish material.
    • Code AP_InertialSensor/AP_InertialSensor_Linux.cpp driver which acts as a front end for multiple hardware drivers
    • Test the PRU PWM deeply. Study the integrations through the CLI.
    • Test the new DT
    • Test all the drivers

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